SonicR Whitepaper

User Guide

1/ Register
After viewing the app, you'd like to begin your SONICR adventure with us. You must register using your email address.
To complete the creation of your SONICR account, click the link we emailed you.
Enter your weight and height.
It was successfully registered.
You're all set now! You may now choose a sport and equip yourself with the NFTs to have a good time!
2/ Code Activation
Before beginning your sport to earn money, players may activate their SONICR account with 100 SNR tokens.
We will deploy a secure private Beta version of the SONICR app before the official public launch. Top holders $SONIC and $SNR will get invitations to the restricted beta version.
Four weeks later, the public Beta version will be available.
3/ Obtain the NFTs
The NFTs may be found in the SONICR marketplace, along with extensive explanations of their uses and functions. You may use your wallet to buy it using $BNB, $SNR, or $SONIC.
4/ Choose a sport
Once you own the sport's NFT, you can now get started.